Retrograde Madness

Shit’s real son.  I don’t know about you, but if everything has been going wrong. . . or had a twist. . . or just unexpected crazy stuff is going down in your world, you aren’t alone.


If you are into anything new age then you’ve probably seen that mercury went retrograde this weekend. Well in fact, in the month of April, 5 planets are in or go  retrograde . . . 5.  and that’s a lot of energy, in a lot of houses, and that’s a lot of shaking up that’s going on. After this weekend though, we will have four planets in retrograde for a while.

You know how when the full moon comes, things can be a bit chaotic? I believe that we are a part of the universe, and just as the sun going down and the moon rising each night control and dictate our behavior, we are also influenced by all that goes on in our solar system.  Everything is connected. That being said, this month has been CRAZY. CRAZY. (at least for me. that’s where I’ve been. . . dealing with the craziness. . . but I love you guys.  and seriously, thanks for reading my thoughts. πŸ™‚


Jupiter and Venus were already in retrograde. . . have your exes been on your mind? Love relationships falling apart or being tested?  That’s Venus. But it’s going direct on Easter. . πŸ™‚

Jupiter retrograde began February 6, 2017, and ends June 9. . . This Jupiter retrograde was actually quite auspicious, or lucky, but Jupiter retrograde can enhance our need to succeed. Out of balance, this energy can cause you to be ruthless, or less than honest in the pursuit of your goals.  Stay true to yourself.

Mercury is retrograde now, and it happens about four times a year. Mercury retrograde lasts about four weeks, and is all about disruptions.  Disruptions to your peace, missed communication, broken or stalled electronics, missed or messed up travel plans. . . Mercury retrograde is good for all of that. Oh an. . . a lot of people do not believe in signing contracts or entering into any big commitments while mercury is in retrograde, due to this disruptive energy. It ends May 9.

mercury retrograde

I read that during Saturn retrograde anything built on a flimsy foundation will crumble. . . just keep that in mind until August 25, when Saturn goes direct. Saturn calls on us to weed out the weaknesses, and inconsistencies in our situations that are causing us pain and frustration. . . use the energy to re-build the things that fall apart into things that are stable, and peaceful.

Pluto is retrograde from April 20, to September 28. This is a time for going inward and soul searching. I found this regarding Pluto and Jupiter:

Pluto stationary retrograde makes only one aspect. The square to Jupiter brings opportunities for progress but a number of big obstacles will have to be overcome to get there. Jupiter also retrograde adds one more degree of difficulty.

Some destructive energy is hindering a necessary transformation. Pluto retrograde forces an internal investigation to root out the problem and eliminate it. The involvement of Jupiter suggests this destructive energy relates to greed, excess, faith or ideology. Finding a solution to it so vitally important now because of the major planetary aspect of the year.


So what does all this mean for you?  There are a lot of opportunities for good, but also a lot of opportunities for things to not go quite the way we planned. Take care of your Self. If you are feeling overwhelmed, then take a break. If stuff goes wrong, try to fix it, or accept it and move on.  If you mess up, apologize and try to do better. These are trying times. We all need to treat each other with love, respect, and care. This doesn’t mean  a massage, or facial. . . or anything that costs money. But it could mean a few minutes writing out your feelings in your journal before going to bed. Then actually going to bed. A cup of tea, or a drink with a fun girlfriend. Fixing your favorite meal, or going to have one. Turning to your stress toolkit. . . (which for me includes wine/champagne, yoga, and a trashy, supernatural novel. . . (or any tv show with a great storyline and bad dialogue. . .think, The Magicians, Quantico, Greenleaf, Empire. . . anything that is so earnest it becomes corny,)) opening that toolkit up and doing you for an evening.



Now, whether you believe in any of this or not ;-). . . Know that sometimes you mess up. Sometimes things are bad. Sometimes things get out of control and have consequences we don’t intend. But you are still wonderful and deserving of forgiveness, understanding and love. And you will get through.  One day at a time. Take care of your Self. . . and love your way through.

I got this