On letting go of those things that no longer serve you. 

A few years ago I found myself overwhelmed and over-extended. I had too many activities, and not enough time. I had leadership roles in everything, including as chair of the board of directors for a large non-profit organization in my town. This dilemma was complicated by intense interpersonal conflict that sucked the joy out of my efforts.

Ever unwittingly find yourself in a catfight? No? Just me?


So, I quit.

I quit just about everything. I’d started on a journey and some things just didn’t resonate   with me anymore. ( Funny how our language expresses the reality of our vibrations and their importance.)

You know why? Because by letting go of those things that didn’t serve me, I opened up the room in my life for the things that DO serve me.
I discovered yoga. Rather than spend my time working on projects with people who aren’t pleasant, I’m working on my business plan, and toward starting my own business. I can focus better at my day job, free from the craziness of constantly running around to meetings. I have time to practice and teach yoga, and spend my precious Saturdays with my baby girl, rather than sit in meetings where I endure passive aggressive comments, one-upmanship, cattiness, and leave mad.
I joined an organization that my mother and grandmother joined before me, The Links, Incorporated. I now have another connection to my mom and Grandma that is very special to me. I attend meetings and do community service with my mom, and I get to work with mature, professional women, who are encouraging and appreciative of my contributions.

Sometimes, the best way to connect to the things that are truly important to you is to identify those things that do not serve you and get rid of them.

How do you do this?  By tuning into yourself.  Paying attention to what happens when you are around certain people and situations.  We often find ourselves stressed, but don’t or can’t identify the cause. Maybe when you go to a certain group or activity, your pulse races, or you find yourself dreading it throughout the day. . . this is a sign that something is not right with you.  It is your body trying to send a message to your mind that all is not well.

What’s keeping you from living a life you enjoy? Do any of you have activities or people in your life that may be keeping you from making the meaningful connections that can really improve your quality of life? How are you coping, and have you thought about just quitting? Sometimes, when we walk away from the things that are not serving us, we discover that we are capable of so much more.

Leave the bad relationship.
Quit the job that is damaging your mental health.
Drop the negative friend.
Pull back from activities where the environment is toxic.

This is an ongoing practice for me. As a working mother, I don’t have a ton of free time. It is important to me that the activities that I choose outside of my family are affirming and worthwhile. I do not tolerate negativity in my free time. And I choose peace. Sometimes that means walking (or running) away.
When you make room for the things that honor your true self, you raise your vibration. The universe can’t help but to respond to that. Like attracts like. So, if you were waiting for permission to get out. . . here it is. DROP IT. No need to have long drawn out conversations about why. When your body, and mind tell you that something is not good for you. Listen.

And let it go. . .

Namaste y’all