Why so serious?

No really. Do you find yourself easily offended? Get frustrated when things aren’t perfect, or going exactly your way? Do you find yourself obsessed with current events? Struggling to always “stay woke”, and let everyone know what’s up with the government/organized religion/animal abuse/{“insert your cause here”}?

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Are you laughing? Often? Everyday? Even at yourself?

If not, then, you might have come down with a case of “Too Seriousitis.” (I watch a LOT of Doc McStuffins. Everything gets a diagnosis.) Meaning: You are being too serious. You may need to lighten up.

A while ago, I had a great theme for my restorative yoga class. This theme came to me earlier than I normally get my inspiration, and I was prompted to write my notes down, which I often do. I was prepared. I was tapped in. I had a message for the people!!!

Then, I had the most disruptive student I’ve ever experienced come into class. And I was shaken. Before I even got started, this person’s energy had me all messed up. Then, this student (who sat directly in front of me) frequently did the opposite of what I asked in class- often looking directly and defiantly at me as he did so.  He jumped ahead into the asanas (posture) , then barked at me regarding the amount of time spent on each side. I was concerned for my other students, who come to my class to relax and restore. I hold space for that practice and this guy was seriously messing up my vibe!!! But you know what?

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The message I’d written was about taking cues from the Spring Season, (which is a kapha (think heavy, wet., damp) season in Ayurveda), and surrendering to the water element and going with the flow. “The water does not judge the rock in the stream. It wets it, flows around it, and even, eventually, breaks through it. In spring we are called by the water element to go with the flow.”  I said, and then smiled. Then I started to giggle. . . to myself, and maybe a little out loud because. . .

Yesssss, Yesssss, Yeeeesssss, God is tryna tell you something right now.  Right now.

Duh, the message was for me.  So, yo this is how God works.  In my earnestness, I’d gone a little, um. . . overserious.  In my desire to share my message, I was not being flexible. I was not tending to who I had in the room. I was allowing myself to be frustrated, and even possibly angered, by someone who clearly needed yoga. Which is why I’m there. To give people yoga. So, in this instance, who is the teacher?  Who really needs their yoga?  Me. And I need to stop being so damn serious and go with the flow.  God is going to make happen what needs to happen, when it needs to happen.

I can get mired down by my circumstances. I don’t WANT to be negative and serious about everything, but sometimes shit is REAL, and I am human, and I lose my sense of humor. And when we get into that space, it can be very difficult to raise your vibration.

Ask God, or the Divine, or the Universe, or meditate for yourself on ways to find the joy in everyday, even in your challenges.  God will help you find ways to go with the flow and enjoy this thing called life.  It’s too short to be serious all the time.  And sometimes, in our seriousness, we miss our lesson.


If you find yourself losing your sense of humor, watch or listen to something funny. Go call your funniest friend. Sometimes talking things out with a good friend allows us the ability to see something from a different perspective. Sometimes in life things are crazy, bizarre, absurd. . . rather than being angry and serious all the time, what if we consciously choose to find the good? What if we consciously choose to surrender to the flow of things happening around us, and choose the path of least resistance?  What if we become like the water element, and influence, go around, wear down, break through and evolve beyond our obstacles rather than allow them to define our lives?

In all things we have a choice.  We can go about our duties, responsibilities, and passions with joy and humility, or we can go about them seriously and with a sense of self-importance.  Choosing joy is a strength. To not allow the little (and big) things in life steal our joy is a superpower. Cultivate it. 

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